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It's an unavoidable fact in the retail space: Stores carry a variety of products containing chemicals. When those products pass their sell-by date, or when packaging gets damaged, you can't simply throw everything in the trash and let it get shipped off to the landfill. If you attempt to dispose of hazardous chemicals improperly, you could find yourself facing huge fines. That's where we come in. If you have a spill in your retail store, we'll clean it up. If you have products that need to be disposed of, we'll pack them up for you and ship them out for proper disposal. We're always efficient and always EPA-compliant. We can even come to your retail store for a "cleanup in aisle seven" when a customer has an accident and you need certain biological byproducts cleaned up. For all these reasons and more, major retail brands count on Environmental & Chemical Consulting for their environmental cleanup needs.

ECC Inc. Retail Environmental Cleanup Services"

Notable Clients & Projects

We’re proud to have provided our services for many retail stores, including:

Target Optical and LensCrafters

At these sister companies’ locations, opticians create prescription glasses for customers in an onsite lab. The work done in these labs requires various corrosive materials and produces chemical byproducts, all of which must be disposed of in accordance with federal regulations.

We come to these stores, pick up all of these chemicals and byproducts, package them safely, and ship them out to be disposed of properly, thus taking the burden off the stores’ personnel.


The popular department store chain stocks a variety of makeup, perfumes, colognes, and other beauty products. Due to the chemical content in these products, they are considered hazardous waste when they expire. Many beauty products are also considered flammable.

In order to avoid environmental damage and steep fines, Macy’s required a system for disposing of these products safely, as an alternative to throwing them in the trash. We designed a program to take care of these requirements.

Macy’s staff can now safely store expired products on-site temporarily, and when we arrive, we carefully pack up these materials and ship them out to be disposed of properly, in accordance with federal regulations.

Chevron and Other Gas Stations

When gasoline spills occur, a knowledgeable expert must be called in to provide professional cleanup services. Chevron and hundreds of other gas stations have relied on us to take care of spills and render their properties safe again.

Family Dollar and Dollar Tree 

These affiliated discount store chains stock a variety of household products containing hazardous materials, including bug spray, cleaning products, bleach, and ammonia. When product packaging is damaged, compromising the integrity of the packaging or causing spills, it would be dangerous for store employees to simply wipe up the products and throw them away.

 These stores call on us to come in, safely clean up the potentially hazardous materials, and package them up for proper disposal.