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Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Industrial Services

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ECC Inc. provides our full range of services to clients in the industrial services fields, including those specializing in industrial maintenance and repair, supply chain management, engineering, and technical consulting.

Cleanup and Hazardous Material Disposal for Retail Stores by ECC Inc.


We provide cleanup, packing, and disposal services for retail stores and franchises, from department stores to discount stores to opticians and more. Avoid costly fines -- let us dispose of your hazardous materials properly!

Industrial Manufacturers Collaborating with ECC Inc. for Services

Industrial services

We provide a wide range of services for clients in the industrial service space, including lab packing, hazardous waste disposal, and industrial cleaning.

Comprehensive Industrial Cleaning Services by ECC Inc. for Manufacturers

Industrial Manufacturers

We offer comprehensive disposal, cleaning, and lab packing services for clients in the manufacturing space.