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Lab Packing

ECC Inc. offers comprehensive lab packing and consolidation services. We are capable of helping you manage samples and obsolete laboratory chemicals, drums of by-product, formulated products, raw materials, chemical mixtures and waste products that are stored or accumulated at your facility over a long period of time.

Our lab packing team of highly skilled chemists collect, identify, categorize, segregate, package, label, transport and dispose of all of your unwanted chemicals and waste products.

Materials that require Lab Packing services include:

    • Cleaning Chemicals             
    • Laboratory Chemicals
    • Obsolete Reagents    
    • Paints & Varnishes
    • Product Retains
    • Samples          

Emergency Response

Environmental & Chemical Consulting Inc’s  Emergency Response Team is available to serve you 24 / 7. Our elite response team is known for its quick arrival time and thorough scene containment and management. ECC, Inc. is prepared with the necessary manpower, equipment and material to handle any type of emergency response situation encountered including chemical and biological emergencies.

If you are in need of immediate response services, call our Emergency Response Hotline at (888) 380-8664.

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