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“In business there is no substitute for a personal connection, some might call this customer service but they are in-no-way the same thing. Good customer service is usually tied to a gratuity at the end of a meal, a personal connection is what happens when a trusted vendor has your back and expects nothing in return for it. This is what you need when managing hazardous waste streams, because one mistake here could have a far reaching negative impact on your business.

I have found this type of relationship with ECC, which is a truly rare thing in the hazardous waste business. And I should know because I have worked with so many unscrupulous waste company’s over the years that I have lost count.

Bottom line, ECC is quick to respond to any situation, their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, their prices are fair and most important….they are honest. I have no plans to take our business anywhere else.”

— Phil, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Major Roofing Mfg.

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