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About Us

Environmental & Chemical Consulting, Inc. (ECC) has established itself as one of California’s premier hazardous waste transporters and environmental management companies with over 25 years of experience and a proven track record of delivering economical and reliable services for our clients.

As a fully integrated solution provider, we embrace the opportunity to bring the highest level of innovation and quality to any complex project. ECC can handle any demanding service requirements for both our government and private clients. Our goal is to provide reliable and expeditious environmental solutions for our clients enabling them to focus on their core business by alleviating them from the burden of environmental compliance.

ECC Inc. offers single solution environmental services that are coordinated through a network of equipment, highly trained personnel and the ability to adapt to every client’s individual needs. We take pride in our around the clock flexibility which allows us to provide you with faster, more economical services. ECC Inc. adheres to strict federal, state and local regulations. In addition, all staff and field service technicians are 40-hour OSHA trained and equipped to work on a full range of union and non-union projects.

Our goal is to offer turnkey, cost effective services while maintaining a high degree of reliability, environmental compliance and integrity.

Emergency Response

Environmental & Chemical Consulting Inc’s  Emergency Response Team is available to serve you 24 / 7. Our elite response team is known for its quick arrival time and thorough scene containment and management. ECC, Inc. is prepared with the necessary manpower, equipment and material to handle any type of emergency response situation encountered including chemical and biological emergencies.

If you are in need of immediate response services, call our Emergency Response Hotline at (888) 380-8664.

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